How to swap on Optimism via OpenOcean

Ways to bridge assets to Optimism

On OpenOcean, the supported bridges are Arbitrum bridge, AnySwap, cBridge V2, Matic Bridge, AB Bridge, Synapse Bridge, Boba Gateway, Terra Bridge and Li.Fi Bridge.
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    On OpenOcean, you may click the drop-down menu of “bridge” to transfer assets from one network to Optimism network through “cBridge V2”, “Synapse”, “Li.Fi Bridge”. Below we would like to present an example of using "cBridge V2" to transfer assets from Ethereum Mainnet to Optimism.
2. On cBridge V2 page, choose the network you would like to bridge from and connect your wallets of the network. Here we take Ethereum Mainnet as an example. After the wallet connected, enter the asset, amount to bridge and fill out your wallet address of Optimism.
3. Once confirm your bridge details, your connected wallet will pop up and request to confirm. After confirming on your wallet, you have completed bridging your assets to Optimism.

Swap on PC version

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    Once you have done transfer assets to Optimism. Go back to OpenOcean.Finance trading interface and click "Connect Wallet" on the top right corner.
2. Choose Optimism Network and click any wallet you want to choose (here take Metamask as an example).
3. MetaMask Wallet will prompt the window and request to "Approve" adding Optimism Network to your wallet.
4. After you connect your wallet, choose the assets you would like to swap and click “Swap Now”. It's all set to do swaps!

Swap on mobile version

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    Visit OpenOcean.Finance website on your mobile browser and click“Go swap”or “Go pro” version (take “Go swap”as an example here). Next, click "Connect Wallet" on the top right corner -> Select "MetaMask" on the pop-up WalletConnect -> Select "Settings" on MetaMask wallet.
2. Click "Add Network" on the Networks page and fill out Optimism Network info. below and hit Save.
Network Name: optimism
Chain ID: 10
Currency Symbol (Optional): OETH
Block Explorer URL (Optional):
3. Click the "Wallet" on the top, and select "Optimism Mainnet", then click "Connect" and go back to the browser. It will show connected to Optimism on OpenOcean page and good to swap!