Avalanche Liquidity Mining & Staking Tutorial on OpenOcean

Liquidity Mining

1. Go to https://openocean.finance/ and click “Farms” to visit "Farms” page
2. If you have OOE on Ethereum network, you can you can transfer from Ethereum to Avalanche Via AnySwap bridge. Click “Bridge” and choose AnySwap, it will direct to the AnySwap Bridge to proceed the transfer.
3. On AnySwap Bridge page, choose the "OOE” Token and switch to ETH mainnet on your wallet and initiate the transfer from ETH mainnet to Avalanche mainnet.
4. Once done transferring, go back to the OpenOcean Farms, connect your wallet to Avalanche Chain.
5. Click "Add OOE- USDT.e LP”, make sure you have both OOE & USDT.e, if you do not have USDT.e, you can swap in OpenOcean. After successfully adding LP, click "Deposit” on farms page. That's it!

Staking Program - Vault

  1. 1.
    Click "Vault " on https://openocean.finance/ :
2. Connect your wallet to Avalanche Network, and click "Deposit" on Vault and start to earn your reward!