Grid Trading Guideline

*For testing only*
1. Visit OpenOcean SaaS page and log in to your SaaS account. Select the trading pair you would like to execute the strategy on the left side and click “create order” of Spot Grid on the right.
2. Set the grid parameters on the “Manual settings” and click “create” to execute the strategy.
Grid trading parameters include:
  • Lower Price & Upper Price: Set the lower price and the upper price of the grid (cannot be modified once the grid order is placed). If the highest or lowest grid is exceeded, no more positions will be opened.
  • Grid Amount: The number of grids. The minimum is 2 and the maximum is 200. The actual maximum number is calculated based on the Lower Price and Upper Price.
  • Profit Per Grid: see below calculation When a = grid lower price b = grid upper price n= grid amount; feerate = trading fee, the profit per grid equals to:
1)Arithmetic: Profit Per Grid = [((b - a) / n) - (2b - ((b - a) / n)) * fee rate] / b — [((b - a) / n) - (2b - ((b - a) / n)) * feerate] / a
2)Geometric: Profit Per Grid = [ (b / a) ^ (1 / n) - 1 - (1 + (b / a) ^ (1 / n)) * feerate]
  • Total Investment: The total amount of tokens a trader uses to perform grid trading. The minimum amount for each grid is $12 USDT.
  • Available Balance: The available balance = Total available balance of CeFi wallet - lock up
  • Advanced Settings: Two grid types - Arithmetic / Geometric Arithmetic: Each grid has an equal price difference. Geometric: Each grid has an equal price difference ratio.
3. After successfully creating the strategy, your strategy will show on Spot Order. The system will freeze the token funds according to the funds required by the strategy.
Strategy Overview:
  • Strategy Type: the strategy type. It will show “Spot Grid”.
  • Pair: The executed trading pair
  • InAmount: The initial value
  • Net profit: Total Grid Profits
  • Today’s PNL: Today’s Grid Profits
  • Action: Trader can choose “Cancel” the strategy and view “Detail” of the strategy
Note: When the market price is too close to the grid price, the grid will not be triggered. This is to avoid the situation of negative return after the deduction of trading fee.
4. Click “Detail” under “Action” to view strategy details.
On the “Spot Grid” panel, you could see the following parameters of the strategy, including:
  • Investment BUSD: total invested amount in BUSD ( It depends on the token pair selected, for this example, it was BUSD)
  • Total Profits = Grid profit + Floating PNL
  • Total Profits% = - Total Profit / investment BUSD * 100%
  • Grid profits= Sell Executed Amount - Buy Executed Amount - Buy Fee - Sell Fee (Buy/sell fee can be viewed on “Orders”)
  • Floating PNL= (market price - entry price)* holding amount of token
  • Grid APR = (Grid profits/Total Investment) / Days of Operation * 365 days
  • Current Price: current market price of token
  • Entry Price: The price when the strategy created
  • APR =Total Profits% /Days of Operation *365 * 100%
  • Price Range: The upper and lower boundaries of the price range
Below the panel, you can view details of “Open Orders”, “Order History” and “Parameters”. Under “Open Orders”, you can see the active orders. The parameters include:
  • SHIB Positions: The amount of SHIB
  • USDT Positions: The amount of USDT
  • No: The numbers of sell and buy orders
  • Amount: The amount of tokens to be placed in each order
  • Price: The trigger price of each order
Under “Order History”, you can view the details of completed orders.
Under “Parameters”, it gives an overview of your strategy parameters.

Order Cancellation

On the top right of the “Spot Grid” panel, you can click the “Cancel” then “confirm” to terminate the grid orders. After the strategy is closed, all your funds will be liquidated and unfrozen.