🍭OpenOcean Widget

Step-by-step guide for embedding the OpenOcean Swap widget in your web3 decentralized application (dApp)

With OpenOcean swap widget, your users can swap any token at the best rates through OpenOcean protocol without leaving your dApp!

The widget will only take you less than 5 minutes for integration. See following examples of user case:

  • Making swaps a revenue source by adding your own platform fee to the transaction.

  • Converting to the required currency for an NFT purchase or any other in-app usage (e.g. WETH). Building a custom frontend for the Uniswap Protocol.

  • Swapping assets in a DeFi application for providing liquidity, farming & staking

  • Acquiring a token to participate in your web3 community (DAO or any other activities)


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