Roadmap towards OpenOcean
2020 Q3 & Q4: Antarctic Ocean
  • Aggregated DEXes on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Ontology
  • Became the first DEX aggregator on BSC
2021 Q1: Indian Ocean
  • Continued aggregation of swaps on TRON
  • Aggregated spot products on Binance and became the first CeDeFi aggregator
2021 Q2: Indian Ocean
  • Integrated more public networks, including Ethereum Layer 2 and Solana, and became the first DEX aggregator on Solana
  • Launched a multi-language website
2021 Q3: Indian Ocean
  • Issued governance token $OOE and started $OOE liquidity mining
  • Integrated more public networks, including Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, HECO, and OKExChain
2021 Q4: Atlantic Ocean
  • Upgraded the algorithm to offer the best swap final returns in the market;
  • Supported DEX limit order on BinanceSmartChain;
  • Integrated public networks - Arbitrum, Boba, and Gnosis (xDai).
2022 Q1 & Q2: Atlantic Ocean
  • Launched SAAS products beta testing that support DeFi & CeFi automated arbitrage and Grid trading;
  • Continued with algorithm upgrades to offer better price solutions and expanded to more networks: Optimism, Aurora and Harmony.
2022 Q3: Atlantic Ocean
  • Upgraded limit order funtionality mechanism and expanded to 5 chains;
  • Launched OpenOcean DAO to allow OOE holders to make proposals and vote;
  • Launched Referral Program.
2022 Q4: Atlantic Ocean
  • Expanded to more blockchains - Cronos, Aptos and Moonriver (Moonbeam);
  • Launched 1-click Cross-chain swap aggregator;
  • Limit order functionality expanded to 13 blockchains;
  • Released DeFi toolset - Revoke, RPC and infoHub to empower trading experience.
2023 Q1: Atlantic Ocean
  • Cross-chain swap expanded to 6 blockchains and supported 4 bridges;
  • Integrated Perpetual trading;
  • Expanded to more chains - Near and Kava.