How to place a limit order

  1. Go to, connect the chain and wallet, and click Limit Order. In the following we will take the BNB chain as an example.

2. Once wallet connected, select any token pair, enter the amount of tokens you would like to place, set the Order price and choose a Expiration time in the top right setting button. Then click Review Limit Order.

Note: we support any tokens except the native token of the current chain - such as BNB on BNB Chain, and MATIC on Polygon chain.

3. After review your order, click Confirm Order.

4. If the selected token has not been unlocked before, you will see a wallet pop-up asking for your permission. Please confirm in your wallet.

6. Now, you have successfully placed a limit order! To see your active and history orders, you can view them at the bottom on the left side.

To better help you understand different status, please see below explanations: Under “Active” section: Active: Order has been generated. Executing: Order is executing. You cannot cancel the order when executing.

Under “History” section : Filled: Order get filled successfully. Expired: Order didn’t get filled at the expiration date. Cancelled: Users cancelled orders

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