Perpetual Futures

With OpenOcean perpetual futures trading, users can amplify their trading positions and profits with leverages
By launching perpetual futures, it expands the offerings on our platform and provides more flexibility in the market for our extended-community of traders. It's currently available on Avalanche and Arbitrum.

What is ‘perpetual trading’?

Known as ‘perps, perpetuals or perp swaps’. Put simply, perps are market derivative futures contracts with no expiry date which were first pioneered by BitMEX. Perps involve trading crypto without actually buying or selling it. Instead, users can deposit collateral and enter into a perpetual swap contract that allows them to speculate on the price of the underlying token.

Incentivising use of OOE for trading fees

We've implemented $OOE as the default payment option for trading fees (maker fee - 0.012% & taker fee - 0.030%, check here for fees), If there is no $OOE deposited and available, $USDC will be used for the fees instead. The benefit of using $OOE for trading fees is that users can enjoy 20% off. I.e. If the trading fee is $1, and you use OOE, then the fee will be only $0.80 of $OOE deducted. We will be running this offer at launch and the rates may be subject to change in the future, however It's still a great opportunity for any trader to use OOE for trading fees when considering trading perpetuals.
With integrated futures integrated on OpenOcean, users can greatly expand their trading capabilities and take advantage of market movements and volatility by entering and exiting positions on their own terms. Give it a try here!