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Coinbase Wallet for Google Chrome

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Step 1: Visit Coinbase Wallet extension on Chrome Web Store; Step 2: Click Add to Chrome; Step 3: A pop-up notification displayed on the screen, please read it carefully. To approve, click Add extension; Step 4: To use the extension, click the extension icon to the right of the address bar. This dropdown will show you Coinbase Extension Wallet is installed and enabled in Chrome. Tip: Pin Coinbase Wallet Extension Wallet for easy access in the next visit.

*Note: If you already have an existing wallet address, you can simply import from MetaMask/Trust Wallet/Coinbase Wallet and others. Read more here.

How to trade on OpenOcean via Coinbase Wallet - Mobile Version

Before trading, make sure you have downloaded Coinbase Wallet:

Apple App Store: Google Play Store:

Following below instructure to start trading on OpenOcean via Coinbase Wallet!

How to trade on OpenOcean - PC Version

Current supported networks for Coinbase Wallet on OpenOcean: Ethereum/BinanceSmartChain/Polygon/Avalanche/Fantom/Arbitrum/Gnosis(xDai)

2. Note: Coinbase Wallet connected to Ethereum by default, if you would like to trade on other blockchains, simply select other chains and confirm "Switch" on the pop-up window.

3. After connecting successfully, you will see the network of Ethereum and your wallet address on the top right corner and you can start to do swapping.

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