Limit Order FAQ

Why was my order not executed?

Limit orders are executed when they reach their desired price, however, the actual execution price might differ from the price you specified due to gas price fluctuations. There should be almost no difference between the execution price and your desired price, however, if your order is extremely small (under $1,000), the execution price may be higher to cover fees.

Your order may not be executed due to:

  • Price impact

  • One of the tokens in the limit order has a fee on transfer

The real execution price shows a very huge gap between the set price. Why is that?

It means that you can only swap a very small amount of tokens when the price is much higher than the setting price for enough tokens to cover the gas fee. Therefore, you need to increase the "Sell" amount .

Why shouldn't I create limit orders below the market price?

To sell below market price, you need Stop Limit Orders, not limit orders. Stop Limit Orders feature is coming soon.

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