Getting Started

Quick Install

There are three ways you can embed OpenOcean swap widget into your protocols/Apps.
Method #1 - Use <iframe> to inject the OpenOcean widget into your program.
<iframe src=""></iframe>
We highly recommend using the custom mode to integrate wallets to make sure it works properly. More Details
Method #2 - Install the widget by using the OpenOcean SDK module.
Method #3 - Install the widget by using the OpenOcean API.

Referral Fee

Method #1 - add 'referral' which is fee charger address as query param in <iframe> request link
For example:
The default referral fee on widget will be 1% and OpenOcean will share 15% of it. You may contact us for any adjustments.
Method #2 - contact us
Feel free to reach out to our team on Telegram or Discord regarding the fee rate that you want to customize. In this method, the address from the above referral link will not be included.