OpenOcean Classic
How to swap on OpenOcean Classic
OpenOcean Classic guide
1. Vist OpenOcean web and click "Go Classic"
2. Click “Connect Wallet” to select chain and wallet.
3.Enter password to login and connect your wallet to OpenOcean.
4. Select token pairs and enter desired swap amount.
5.Unlock token.
6. Confirm transaction in your wallet.
7. Once the unlock transaction has been approved the page will indicate that you can swap.
8.You can click exchanges to compare the prices offered by different DEXes
9. You can set 'price tolerance' and 'spread across dexes' by clicking the gear button.
10. After comparing prices and setting, then click “Swap Now”
11. Please confirm the swap information again.
12 Congratulations! Transactions Submitted, Click “view on Bscscan” to check transaction details.
13. You can click on the wallet, then select “Transaction history” to more details .
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