OpenOcean Go Swap
Previously OpenOcean Classic page
OpenOcean Classic guide
1. Visit OpenOcean web ( and click “Start trading”.
2. Click “Connect Wallet” to select chain.
3. Choose your wallet to connect and enter the password to login to connect your wallet to OpenOcean.
4. Select token pairs and enter desired swap amount.
5. Unlock tokens (except native tokens, such as ETH on Ethereum, BNB on BinanceSmartChain).
Read here to know more why you need to unblock tokens.
6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
7. Once the tokens have been approved, the page will indicate that you can swap now.
8. On the top right "Advanced setting" the gear button, you can set “Price Tolerance” (default as 1%) and “Spread Across DEXes” which DEXes to compare the prices.
Spread Across DEXes
Price Tolerance
9. Click “Swap now”.
10. Please confirm the swap on both page and wallet.
11. Congratulations! Transactions submitted; click “View On…” to check the transaction details.
12. You can click on the wallet drop down, then select “Transaction History” or "Transactions" on the left side under routing to view more details of your transaction history.
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