How to add OOE token to MetaMask
How to add OOE token to your wallet‌
Contract addresses
Ethereum, ERC-20: 0x7778360f035c589fce2f4ea5786cbd8b36e5396b Binance Smart Chain (BSC), BEP-20: 0x9029fdfae9a03135846381c7ce16595c3554e10a‌
1. Open wallet (we use MetaMask for this example)
2. Connect to relevant network (we use Binance Smart Chain in this example)
3. Click "Add Token"
4. Paste contract address
This example use: BSC: 0x9029fdfae9a03135846381c7ce16595c3554e10a
Use this for Ethereum: 0x7778360f035c589fce2f4ea5786cbd8b36e5396b (remember to select Ethereum network in the wallet first)
5. Click "Add Tokens"
6. OOE is now added to your wallet!
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