How to participate in Liquidity Mining
Liquidity mining on OpenOcean refers to the act of providing liquidity by users (Liquidity Providers) supplying token pairs to pools, in return staking LP can earn a reward of OOE token.

How to add liquidity?

1. Go to and click “Farms” to visit Farms page.
2. Choose the Farm Pool that you desire to supply liquidity to and click “Get LP Token” to supply and receive LP tokens.
4. Enter the desired amount you wish to supply.
Note: the token pair must be of equal value according to the token pair ratio in the pool. Once you enter an amount of one of the tokens, the system will automatically calculate the corrosponding amount of the other one. Make sure you have sufficiant amounts in your wallet for the token pair.
5. Click ’Unlock Wallet’ to connect your wallet on OpenOcean.
6. Click Supply
Remarks: If it's first time you use the spcific token, you need to "Approve Tokens" token first. Read more about Approve Tokens here
7. Click “Confirm Supply”
8. Check the transaction fee in your wallet and then click “Confirm”.
9. After adding liquidity successfully, click “ View on BscScan” to check the on-chain result.
10. You can view your transaction history in the pool. After a short while, you will see your LP Token balance at the bottom.

How to stake LP Token to earn OOE?

  1. 1.
    Visit the “Farm” page on the top, and select the staking LP Token.
2. Choose the right Farm, then click “Deposit” to stake LP Token and start staking in a Farm and earning rewards. The example below will use “OOE-BUSD”.
3. Enter the amount of LP Tokens you would like to farm or just click MAX to add all your LP Tokens. Then click “Confirm”.
4. After confirming, your wallet will pop up and ask you to confirm the gas fee.
5. Wait for a short while, after the window closes, you will see your new staked LP Tokens and your OOE rewards over time.

How to claim earned OOE to wallet?

6. You can click “Harvest” to collect your OOE rewards. Click the Harvest button and confirm the fee in your wallet. After a short wait, you will see the OOE claimed to your wallet.

How to remove LP Tokens from Farming?

7. “Withdraw” button is to remove staked LP Tokens. Your rewards and the LP tokens will return to your wallet automatically.
8. Confirm the gas fee to withdraw in your wallet.

How to remove LP from Liquidity Pool?

9. Visit "Pools" page on the menu bar and click the drop-down icon in “Your Liquidity”.
10. Review the detail of your liquidity and click “Remove”.
11. Choose the amount you would like to remove, and click “Approve” then “Remove".
12. Make sure to check the amount of tokens you will receive, and click “Confirm” on the page and in your connected wallet.