How to swap on Terra via OpenOcean

Terra Station Installation

If you are a new user, first you need to download Terra Station to create your wallet address on Terra. Read here for the Chrome installation guideline.

How to bridge assets to Terra

1. Visit Terra bridge directly or choose “Terra bridge” from OpenOcean trading interface.
2. On Terra Bridge page, choose the network you would like to bridge from and connect your wallets of the network. Here we take BinanceSmartChain as the example. After wallet connected, enter the asset, amount to bridge and fill out your wallet address of Terra.
3. Once confirm your bridge details, your connected wallet will pop up and request to confirm. After confirming on your wallet, you have completed bridging your assets to Terra.

How to swap Terra on OpenOcean (PC Desktop version)

  1. 1.
    Visit OpenOcean.Finance trading interface and click "Connect Wallet" on the top right corner.
2. Choose Terra Network and click Terra Station.
3. Terra Station Wallet will prompt the window and request to "Allow" to access to your wallet.
4. After you connect your wallet, choose the assets you would like to swap and click “Swap now”.
5. Review your swap detail and click confirm, then on the pop-up wallet, you need to enter wallet password to process the transaction, and click “Post”.
6. After your transaction is completed, you can view your transaction details on the “View on Terra” or click “Transaction” on the left bottom.