OpenOcean Pro
How to swap on OpenOcean Pro
    Visit OpenOcean website: and click “Go Pro”.
2. Select the token pairs you would like to trade on the top left corner.
3. On the same page, you will see the following parts.
    Defi Price/Cefi Price/ Spread
    Defi section: the Dexes price for the token pair chosen.
    Cefi section: the price on Binance.
    If you choose to trade on Layer 2 (Loopring), the price will show under the “Layer2” section.
4. To compare the price on CEX, click “Log in/Register” on the top.
5. On the login page, click “Register” if you are a new user or just sign in with your account and password.
6. After signing in CEX, the page will direct back to the Pro Version and you will see your email on the top.
7. Click “connect wallet” on the top right corner. In the pop-up window, choose the right network and connect your wallet.
*Note that the following example will be using MetaMask wallet on BSC.
8. You can enter the amount you would like to swap and you will see the best price shown under the DeFi and CeFi section. You can do arbitrage trading between DEX and CEX after comparing the prices between DEX and CEX.
9. Click “unblock” the certain amount you would to swap or “infinite unblock”.
10. Confirm your action on the pop-up wallet window.
11. After confirming on your wallet, it will show “Approval Success” and you can click “Swap Now”!
12. It will prompt the window and show the swap information. Please read carefully before clicking “Confirm Swap” .
12. Confirm your action in the wallet.
13. Wait for a while until “Transactions Submitted”. You can also click “View On BscScan” to check the transaction status.
14. After transaction, you can view
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