OOE token
Governance and utility token
OOE is the governance and utility token of OpenOcean that enables utility for users of the protocol and lets the community participate in governance. Governance token holders can shape the protocol’s future by suggesting proposals and voting on protocol parameters and future DEX and chain aggregations.
OOE is a multichain token minted on Ethereum ERC-20 with a finite supply of 1,000,000,000 that cannot be increased – there is no minting function in the token contract.
  • 1.9% of the total supply was claimable at the TGE (token generation event) for our early users who qualified for airdrop rounds 1 and 2
  • 33% of the total token supply is allocated for liquidity mining
  • Liquidity mining and trade mining programs went live at the TGE
  • The initial circulating supply at the TGE was 78,989,286 OOE

Contract addresses

Ethereum, ERC-20: 0x7778360f035c589fce2f4ea5786cbd8b36e5396b https://etherscan.io/address/0x7778360f035c589fce2f4ea5786cbd8b36e5396b
Binance Smart Chain, BEP-20: 0x9029fdfae9a03135846381c7ce16595c3554e10a https://bscscan.com/address/0x9029fdfae9a03135846381c7ce16595c3554e10a
Avalanche, ARC-20: 0x0ebd9537A25f56713E34c45b38F421A1e7191469 https://cchain.explorer.avax.network/address/0x0ebd9537a25f56713e34c45b38f421a1e7191469
Polygon, ERC-20: 0x9d5565dA88e596730522CbC5a918d2A89dbC16d9 https://polygonscan.com/address/0x9d5565dA88e596730522CbC5a918d2A89dbC16d9
Fantom Chain:0x9d8F97A3C2f9f397B6D46Cbe2d39CC1D8Cf19010 https://ftmscan.com/token/0x9d8F97A3C2f9f397B6D46Cbe2d39CC1D8Cf19010
Huobi ECO Chain, HRC-20: 0x40817e1ab07fc872b7af6a959c4b7a8febf6c4ab https://hecoinfo.com/address/0x40817e1ab07fc872b7af6a959c4b7a8febf6c4ab
Ontology, OEP-4: 9f4650436a446f635db2db989e7ac067dcea240d https://explorer.ont.io/contract/other/9f4650436a446f635db2db989e7ac067dcea240d
OKExChain, ERC-20: 0x40817e1ab07fc872b7af6a959c4b7a8febf6c4ab https://www.oklink.com/okexchain/address/0x40817e1ab07fc872b7af6a959c4b7a8febf6c4ab

OOE token utility and voting

OOE token holders can utilize tokens for trading on OpenOcean, participate in governance via voting, provide liquidity and stake to earn, or simply hold.


The OOE token’s utility is reflected in the incentives that holders benefit from when spending and deploying on the OpenOcean trading aggregation platform.
Gas fee and trading fees: OOE can be used as a gas or trading fee in a single chain swap and cross-chain swap transactions across public blockchains.
OpenOcean VIP membership and exclusive services: OpenOcean VIP membership rewards our loyal users and token holders. SaaS platform: OpenOcean VIP members can gain limited access to the OpenOcean SaaS platform that features automated arbitrage tools designed for institutional investors. Fee premiums: VIP members can also enjoy the benefits of trading on centralized exchanges aggregated by OpenOcean, such as maker/taker fee premiums, trading fee subsidies, and token withdrawal fee subsidies.
Combined margin pools: OOE tokens can be used as margin in combined margin products to facilitate one-stop derivative trading across different exchanges. With this, traders can be more capital efficient by requiring less overall margin as collateral when hedging across platforms.
Collateral as margin for lending: OOE can also be used for collateral as margin for lending.


The community can develop proposals, and OOE token holders can vote on listed proposals.


The OpenOcean team will continuously listen to the community and collect proposals through social media and other platforms. Everyone is welcome to post proposals regardless of being community members or token holders. The suggestions will be screened, selected, and passed on for voting if successful.
Currently, we welcome the community to post proposals on Discord: https://discord.gg/cxK6CCYcGp in # 🗳 proposals.
We welcome all types of proposals and ideas as long as they do not include inappropriate language or content. Here are some topics we think are particularly interesting: new trading pairs and aggregations, liquidity mining, protocol enhancements, ecosystem initiatives, and features development.


Once proposals have passed screening and selection successfully, they will be listed for official voting. OOE token holders can participate in voting, and their voting power is proportional to their holdings.

Liquidity and trade mining incentives

33% of the total OOE token distribution is allocated to liquidity and trade mining rewards to distribute the token fairly, incentivize liquidity providers, and offset trading fees.

Liquidity mining

Reward programs are distributed to OOE pools to encourage liquidity providers and secure deeper liquidity. These liquidity pools are intended for bootstrapping OpenOcean liquidity by using the OOE token as a utility token, not for speculative purposes.

Trade mining

Trade mining programs are deployed to offset trading fees by earning OOE from related transactions and providing subsidies for OOE-related trading.


Total OOE supply: 1,000,000,000‌ (1 billion)
  • 5.6% is distributed over 2 years to strategic investors that are partnering with us to create a sustainable ecosystem
  • 7.5% over 2.5-3 years for private placement and strategic round two
  • 29% over 3 years for OpenOcean Lab to support protocol development, onboard value-adding ecosystem partners, community developers, and bounty programs
  • 33% over 5 years for liquidity mining to encourage future liquidity providers and incentivize users
  • 7% over 3 years to the ecosystem foundation that manages OpenOcean ecosystem building, community incentives, marketing, and campaigns
  • 15.9% over 3 years for the team and advisors
  • 2% to our early users, which were distributed upon token issuance

Release schedule