🐒DAO Overview

Since its inception, OpenOcean has rapidly risen to prominence as one of the premier DEX aggregators. Therefore it has always been a natural evolutionary step to introduce a DAO, to give the most important people (our community) a voice in which to help shape the future of decentralization. The DAO will directly impact the future of the platform, with the ability to change the intricacies of how OpenOcean operates. Let’s dive in to know more about OpenOcean DAO!

In the broadest sense, the OpenOcean DAO is a platform on the OO hub which will empower the community. This is done through the introduction of proposals and polling. DAO community members can introduce proposals to affect the platform, change certain details or shore-up new partnerships. OpenOcean’s DAO is open to everyone who’s passionate to build the community & ecosystem sustainability together.

The DAO platform will seek to democratize power and allow the community to have their say. For the proposals and voting, we will only allow OOE stakers (xOOE holders) to participate and further decision-making of OpenOcean DAO initiatives. The DAO will be focused on building to ensure the success of the platform and empowering the community.

OpenOcean DAO treasury for Arbitrum Multisig address on Arbitrum: https://arbiscan.io/address/0x61E807038ae880d964a15A57c8Cc74A634bCCC26

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