⛽Gas Refund

To show our loyalty and gratitude to those who decide to participate in the OOE staking on the DAO, we’ve decided to introduce a gas fee rebate program on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche.

Gas rebate reward levels are unlocked based on the amount of individual OOE the user is staking. More OOE staked = bigger discounts.

Gas refund will be available on multiple chains, but the rewards of xOOE will be only received on BNB Chain. The reward will be available to claim on the first of each month.

For Level IV & V, each wallet must have a monthly trading volume of at least one million to claim full rewards. For those who can not reach this requirement, we will distribute the refund based on the proportion of your trading volume. For example, if you are on Level V, the actual monthly volume is 100k (10% of required volume) with the gas fee over $100, the gas refund will be $100 (10% of $1,000 monthly limit).

Users need to lock at least 8,000 OOE for at least 16 days to be eligible for gas refund and are not allowed to unlock OOE before claiming refunds.

Note: Gas refund rewards will be counted since the first day locked and will automatically expire after 10 days if they are not claimed.

Below is the cap of monthly gas refund reward based on different levels of OOE locked.

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