Cross-Chain Swap

1-click cross-chain swap aggregator to bring users the best cross-chain swap rate.
OpenOcean launches a new decentralized all-in-one hub where you can bridge, swap and transfer assets cross-chain. Now available on six different chains Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche and Fantom, all to bring you the absolute best trading returns.
We’ve integrated two major bridges Celer and Multichain. Using the OpenOcean routing algorithm in combination with bridging-support from our partners, we’re able to offer the most competitive rates across all of our supported chains.

Introducing OpenOcean Cross-Chain Swap

Best cross-chain swap rate - The cross-chain swap mechanism implemented by OpenOcean swap aggregation protocol now has a vastly improved algorithm and the deepest liquidity sources in the market. Furthermore, OpenOcean’ cross-chain algorithm finds the best cross-chain swap routes across all major networks and bridges. OpenOcean will automatically find the best available route for your swap and will maximize returns by comparing the estimated final received rates across bridges and taking the gas and bridge costs into consideration.
Most tokens supported — ‘TAT: Trade Any Token’ Traders are able to trade any whitelisted tokens from any supported source chain to any tokens on the destination chain. So far, we have the widest token support, offering cross-chain interoperable swaps between 1,100+ coins, significantly more than any other competitor
Single Click Cross Chain Experience OpenOcean provides an immediate whole cross-chain swap process for users without delays in quoting price & route structure, users only need to grant access to the swap saving a significant amount of time.
To empower the cross-chain trading experience, OpenOcean implements Celer’s IM Framework to deliver a one-time approval function. Each time when users submit a swap request the message is transacted through the Celer State Guardian Network. This allows OpenOcean to offer a single-click cross-chain swap without complicated interactions across multiple blockchains.
All cross-chain swaps will be smoothly automated without any interruption. The semi-atomic swaps implemented by OpenOcean will help prevent the transaction from being interrupted and will seek to protect users’ funds due to any unexpected errors. E.g. When a user tries to swap USDC from Ethereum to ETH on Arbitrum, but gets interrupted while swapping on Ethereum, the USDC with the original amount will get returned to users’ source chain wallet.
Integrating major bridges On OpenOcean, we initially integrated two major bridges — Celer cBridge and Multichain Bridge to satisfy different users’ needs for cross-chain asset transfer and to fulfill the need for interoperability. Looking to the future, we will continue to integrate more bridges to ease the need of interoperability in the growing Defi ecosystem.

Audit Report

Find OpenOcean Cross-Chain Swap Audit Report here.