Ethereum Liquid Staking

OpenOcean’s Ethereum Liquid Staking Aggregator is designed to empower users by simplifying the complex sourcing and staking processes associated with Liquid Staked Tokens (LSTs) and maximizing the returns. Going forward, OpenOcean aims to offer more aggregated staking services, optimize the user experience, and enable time-saving one-click staking while providing unbeatable swap rates and access to high-return products.


Our Ethereum Liquid Staking Aggregator addresses the pain points of current ETH liquid staking by providing:
  • A comprehensive overview of the entire liquid staking landscape, making it easy for users to compare various metrics from different LST providers like RocketPool, Lido, Stakewise, Ankr and Frax
  • Discounts on ETH Liquid Staking Tokens by leveraging our advanced swap functionality, enabling users to acquire liquid staking tokens at the best possible prices while still receiving daily Ethereum staking rewards.
  • Boost Strategies to maximize returns on popular liquid staking tokens, such as stETH and frxETH, by presenting various options and their respective token rewards, including lucrative boost pools with increased payouts.