OOE airdrop
Claim OOE from airDrop round 1 and 2
OOE airdrop round 1 and 2 are only claimable for 6 months starting from TGE (July 12th, 2021). Unclaimed OOE after the 6 months will be reallocated to liquidity mining. For more info about airdrop, please refer to our round 1 post and round 2 post.

How to claim airdrop

2. Select network (e.g. BSC) and connect wallet that are qualified for OOE airdrop round 1 and/or 2. Note: make sure to check all the network addresses that are eligible in round 1 or 2 airdrop.
3. In the wallet address dropdown list, click โ€œClaimโ€.
4. If your connected wallet address is eligible, you will see the amount of OOE that are able to claim. Then, just simply click "Claim Now". That's it!
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