Roadmap towards OpenOcean

2020 Q3 & Q4: Antarctic Ocean

  • Aggregated DEXes on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Ontology

  • Became the first DEX aggregator on BSC

  • Launched cross-chain swap functions

2021 Q1: Indian Ocean

  • Continued aggregation of swaps on TRON

  • Aggregated spot products on Binance

2021 Q2: Atlantic Ocean

  • Integrate more public networks such as Ethereum Layer2 and Solana

2021 Q3: Atlantic Ocean

  • Issue Governance Token $OOE

  • Aggregate more public networks including Polygon

  • Launch cross-chain protocol aggregation and support crosschain swaps to facilitate one-stop trading experience

  • Continue with the aggregation of spot products on more mainstream CEXes

2021 Q4: Atlantic Ocean

  • Aggregate DeFi Yield Products

  • Aggregate CeFi derivative product USDⓈ-M

  • Futures and COIN-M Futures

2022 Q1 & Q2: Pacific Ocean

  • Aggregate DeFi Yield and Lending products

  • Continues aggregation of CeFi derivative products such as Vanilla Options

  • Introduce cross-exchange combined margin pool

2022 Q3 & Q4: Pacific Ocean

  • Aggregate more DeFi products

  • Integrates more DeFi & CeFi products such as lending and insurance products to build the OpenOcean ecosystem

2023 Q2 & Q3: OpenOcean

  • Launches intelligent asset management platform covering centralized and decentralized financial solutions