XDEFI Wallet

Installing XDEFI Wallet for Google Chrome

Step 1: Open XDEFI Wallet Extension on Chrome Web Store;

Step 2: Click Add to Chrome;

Step 3: A pop-up notification displayed on the screen, please read it carefully. To approve, click Add extension;

Step 4: To use the extension, click the extension icon to the right of the address bar. This dropdown will show you XDEFI Extension Wallet is installed and enabled in Chrome

Tip: Pin XDEFI Extension Wallet for easy access in the next visit.

How to trade on OpenOcean - PC Version

1. After installation of XDEFI extension, access OpenOcean website through OpenOcean.Finance Click "Connect Wallet" on the right top corner and choose any supported networks -Ethereum/BNB Chain/Polygon/Terra - you would like to trade.

Below we will use BNB Chain as an example.

2.After selecting chain, XDEFI Wallet will ask you to tick your account. Once ticking, click"Next"

3. Click "Connect" to complete the process of "Connect Wallet"

4. After connecting successfully, you will see the network of BNB Chain and your wallet address on the top right corner and you can start to do swapping.

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