Swap on NEAR

How to Bridge or Deposit asset to NEAR

1. Visit NEAR Wallet: https://wallet.near.org/ and create your own wallet.

2. After creating your own wallet, click β€œDeposit NEAR” to activate your account.

3. There are ways to add $NEAR to your wallet. (Here we will take β€œBridge” as an example)

4. Connect your wallet on Rainbow Bridge and bridge from the chain with funds to Near. Next, click β€œContinue” to get started bridging.

5. Once done bridging the asset, you will see the balance in your Near wallet.

How to do swaps on OpenOcean Near chain on PC Version

1. Visit OpenOcean.Finance website on your PC browser and click "Launch dApp", and click "Connect Wallet" on the top right corner.

2. Choose NEAR Network and click any wallet you want to choose (Take NEAR Wallet as an example).

3. NEAR Wallet will prompt the window and request to "Connect" to OpenOcean.

4. After connecting from your wallet and switching to NEAR network, you will see your wallet address connected on the top. Ta-da, it's all set to do swaps!

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