Cyano Wallet Guides

Use Cyano Wallet For ONT

What is it?

Cyano Wallet is a WebExtension wallet for the Ontology blockchain compatible with Chrome and Firefox, which implements ONT ID, wallet management, and Ontology blockchain interaction, supporting and interacting with dApp at the same time.


Example: Install Cyano Wallet in Chrome web store
  1. 2.
    Note: Make sure it’s offered by cyano-publishing
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    Click on “Add to chrome”
  2. 2.
    You have successfully added Cyano Wallet extension to Chrome

Create an account in Cyano Wallet

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    Fix Cyano Wallet to the browser menu. Click on the “cyano wallet” button and create a new account
  2. 2.
    Create your password and sign up
  3. 3.
    keep your mnemonic phrase and private key
  4. 4.
    continue and you can finish the account creation

How to connect Cyano Wallet( Classic Version) on OpenOcean

  • Connect Wallet and select "cyano";
  • Select the tokens and quantity of the transaction,Click "swap now" and "confirm now";

Use ONTO Wallet For ONT

Access OpenOcean DApps
Open OpenOcean DApps or Visit mobile link(Classic:
  • Choose token and transaction quantity,and click the button;
  • Query transaction records