How to make a cross-chain swap

1. Go to cross-chain swap page: Click Connect Wallet and choose any wallet we supported.

2. Then you should choose source chain and destination chain. Assuming you want to transfer 100 BUSD from BNB Chain to USDC.e on Avalanche, select BNB chain in "From" dropbox and select Avalanche in "To" dropbox.

3. Select the token in the token selection dialog for both sides. Enter the amount of "From" token that you wish to transfer and you should see the estimated amount token you will receive.

4. Choose a route for bridging in the right panel based on your interest.

5. Before transaction, you need to approve the cross-chain contract to spend your tokens. Once you click the appove button, your will need to confirm the transaction in your wallet's prompt. By the way, OpenOcean also provide a revoke tools to cancel the approval.

6. Click Swap after verifying that all the transaction details meet your demands and then click Confirm in your wallet prompt.

7. After confirming, you can see all the on-chain status of your transaction and after each step has been done, you could see the transaction hash of it.

8. You can always check the on-going transaction through the "History" buttom, so you are allowed to close the transaction window or refresh the page during the process.

OpenOcean cross-chain protocol is currently under beta testing. We will continually improve user experience and integrate more bridges.

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