Get started with Eth liquid staking

How to access to Eth liquid staking aggregator

Option 1: Simply click the link of the OpenOcean Ethereum Liquid Staking Aggregator -

Option 2: Go to OpenOcean's official website at, navigate to the menu, click on 'Earn,' and then select 'Eth Liquid Staking'.

Getting started to earn more yields

There are multiple ways to take part in liquid Eth staking, let’s look at what’s capable on the ETH/stETH pool for a good example through OpenOcean ETH staking aggregator.

Step 1 - Stake with discount: You could choose to stake ETH directly on Lido or get the best rate of stETH by clicking the β€œBuy stETH” button traded via OpenOcean. It helps to get the best swap rate of stETH and receive daily Ethereum staking rewards (the amount of stETH in your wallet will increase as daily).

Step 2 - Boost your return: Under 'Boost Strategies', choose ETH/stETH LP. It will direct to Curve stETH liquidity pool to deposit LP and receive pool trading fees in CRV along with incentivized rewards of LDO & CRV.

Step 3 - Curve-ETH, to view more boost options, users can ETH/stETH or CRV/stETH LP on Convex or Yearn to earn additional rewards.

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