SaaS Tool

*For testing only*
OpenOcean will release software as a service (SaaS) tools for intelligence wealth management. Traders can capture trading opportunities and execute investment strategies automatically on OpenOcean. The products and services will significantly increase capital efficiency and profits. The SaaS tools include:
  • Automated arbitrage between DEXes and a CEX: Helping traders make a profit via automatic arbitrage trading so that they will not miss the best opportunities on the market and be able to exploit differences in asset prices between DEXes and a CEX.
  • Grid trading for both DeFi and CeFi: Enables traders to place grid trading strategies in both DeFi and CeFi and run them automatically to profit in “sideways markets” - when asset prices fluctuate within a tight range for an extended period without trending one way or the other.
Currently the SaaS tool is still on testnet, not open to the public yet.